Sculptures are magnifique and graceful

Yury Maramygin is a prominent representative of a rare hippological genre. The sculptors of this style are rightfully considered to be “the piece goods”, because even the special art education could be not enough for the realization of the image of the horse. There is a need in experience and knowledge of special properties. Not every animal artist knows the anatomical features of a particular model, and not able to feel the metamorphosis – from static to motion. But also there is a need to have an experience with the proud and graceful animals, and love
them truly. Only long-term observations, experience “tactile contact” allows to realize the living flesh of the horse in metal, reflect its character, and catch the perfect phase of the movement.

Qualites rare, proud, unique

Yury Maramygin has all these qualities. His works are appreciated both by the expert community and lovers of this rare and beautiful sculptural genre. Yury was born in Russia, so as a child, he fell in love with horses and had the opportunity of immediate communication with them, and was engaged in horseback riding. Later he was studying in The School of Art , but the art education was not enough, so it was necessary to apply for master classes of outstanding sculptor Sergei Bondarenko.

Private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany

The work in hippological genre requires a constant improvement, and Yury is always in search, following this principle. He participates in creative expeditions for inspiration an new images, including the visites of horsebreeders. He worked for such important people like Vorosov, Klimuk, Motsar to get the possibility to sculpt from life The true champions of the words. The works of Yury are bought by private collectors from Russia, Kazakhstan , Germany.

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